Android App Development

Today technology has advanced more rapidly and too fastest process where you are strangely getting surprise the new developments. Technology made everything possible in this modern world along with you can see that the world managing the entire tasks even, those all are the magic of technology today.


The mobile phones that how they are getting developed in various forms and modern looks those all are belong to the technology and one small device works greatly where fantastically you can see its creation and different exciting and interesting applications as well as among of all you also can enjoy the top android apps development process in your phone too. Keeping these modern things in mind Netflue offers the best android app development and use cutting-edge technology in entire android apps exactly.

Our Top Android Apps include:

Facebook Home

As we know about the social networking site of Facebook which is the most effective and largest network sites where numbers of uncounted people are connected with Facebook. It is really surprising for everyone that how the Facebook Home app is famous even, it is also researched of this latest app and obviously it has been found always effective and positive result regarding this awesome app. This superb Facebook Home app has multiple splendid features know as Chat Heads that is accessible in the stand alone Facebook Messenger app. Facebook Home is the accurate manageable and promised device but MoDaCo has advices if you would like to side load it on other powerful devices.

Status Agenda

Another latest top android app is Status Agenda that is the free one app designed that helps to get the calendars to flatten the notification area. This newest and stunning app includes with Google Calendar and this one will really enhance the beauty of your home screen. The present average rating of this Status Agenda consists of 4.4 in Google Play Store.


Twilight is also a rocking one and it is one of the best top android apps as well as it is now on the hype. This exclusive apps creates your device screen adjusted to the time period every day just by passing through the blue spectrum on your handset and tablet too. As you set this app on your home screen then it will create slight light where it will protect your eyes with the supple and amusing red filter. The average rating of this app that scores up to 4.6 currently.

In Call Recorder

A great and stunning android app that includes In Call Recorder that is one of the latest and first call recording app that functions appropriately and even, another advantage you find that this app is completely free to download. Some of the users response that this app functions superbly while other speak that it is not well-matched with other devices.


If you want to sell the products on the Craigslist and at that time you require any non-refundable number, then the Burner is the right solution for that. Burner is the top android app that helps to maintain the numbers that can be taken on the rent and also organize when you are using for longer time too. This Android app is having with one free Burner without any examine and after you need to pay for constant utilization it.