Windows App Development

Our life is useless when we will be out of technology because only the technology is the world that we are eager to use it and all time we are involved in such a way that we think this is our world that makes us alive.

The computers thatmade your daily life so easy and simple where we don’t have to put effort on the things for longer time due to the availability of the internet. Now we can see that the computers become so advanced and developed where the computers have appeared in various new forms and modified versions.

Right now the Microsoft windows 8.1 are bringing many changes in their versions so, let’s know about them. In such way the leading Netflue offers the best window app development that provides most effective and perfect window apps that makes window apps more advanced and we provides the great tips for window in newest process.

Change into a New Start Screen Tip

The most important change will come into the Microsoft window 8.1 that the update one will bring the great change in Window Logo and left side of it just it will be a Start screen “tip” that appears along with the window logo will be more identified and known and related to the Microsoft. It also helps the users to select between booting to desktops easily. At that time, the start screen displays the boots the PC.

Take Images directly via lock screen

Another new change that Microsoft will now permit each and every users to move towards the PCs or tablets at the photo frame when it is locked also. The people can select to display a slideshow of images stored in the devices and cloud through the SkyDrive. It will aid the users to take snaps through the devices’ cameras too from the lock screen.

3. Search whatever you query

As Microsoft says, Window 8.1’s Search is providing you the search option globally that will be powered by Bing in “a rich, simple-to-read, combined view of entire content options helps and offer the exact or true “answer” whatever the users questions actually. Search will also provide about the “Quick actions” that consist of actions that the users like to receive like if you would like toplay songs or videos.

App redesigned

Great change of apps updating where now the Microsoft will update those all apps which are already included into the Window 8.1 and offer latest versions of apps. The organization also adds that the Pictures app will be provided in modest way through the users can easily update the images and the Music app will be also re-prepared that completely comes in new and modified ways.

Access your file in offline via SkyDrive

Now Windows 8.1 will also improve the SkyDrive where users can able to save their files into the SkyDrive as well as it will also provide entirely newest and updated SkyDrive apps that also allow you to open your files in spite of offline too.

Advanced Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer will be updated and arrive into new form into the Windows 8.1. The Windows 8.1 will come with a new and advanced version where Internet Explorer 11 that will catch faster internet speed and you can able to download the pages within few minutes simultaneously.

Netflue also teaches you how to activate window system properly:

How to activate or update the window 8.

Step 1

You know what you have to in step one so, if you don’t know then you must know the activation process of window 8. First of all the users of window 8 then they must have to go to the search box and there they need to type “Cmd” and then you have to right click on the command prompt option and then it needs to select “Run as Administration.

Step 2

In next step or step 2 the users have to command prompt type that is the “slmgr.vbs-ipk <insert your product key here>” and then it needs to press the “Enter” button option. Then you can see a message is being showed with the product key into it. For example that product key is being used. Another way the users can also use the product key for the activation process.

Step 3

In next step the users as they inserted and after that the product keys then you have to type the "slmgr.vbs -ato"and then need to press and enter option. A message that will be shown there on the screen that means it is informing you that the product was updated or activated completely and successfully.

Step 4

You know that what will be next or last step where you can able to activate the window 8 in your system or device as well. Further, you have to visit the desktop display screen and then the users need to right-click on the option of “My Computer” icon and then it must to select the “Properties” and finally the “Window is Activate” completely. In this last method as you come till the step 3 and the 4th or last one is easy step that you have to follow the instruction where you can easily activate the window 8.  You know that after activation of window 8 it is compulsory to keep updating the window 8 in your devices always. Because until the window 8 is updating so, after sometimes you should have to update the window 8 because as you keep updating this version then the applications into the phones will always function properly as well as the apps and the icons can work appropriately as it is essential to update the window 8 always that helps to get the entire application run effectively.